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NCIS Fic : Splintered

Apr. 2nd, 2013 | 07:11 am
mood: accomplishedaccomplished

Oh dear I haven't actually written a fic in ages! Not really since I finished Atlas Shrugged back in 2007! I've dabbled a bit here and there, but never got anything finished.

This, I started back after xanthe broke her ankle the summer before last and I only JUST now got it finished. I'm still not all that happy with it. Feels like I'm missing something :( but it has been a LONG while since I wrote.

Alright, I'll get on with it now before I chicken out :p

Title: Splintered
Author: Crash
Category: H/C whump
Season: Set season 4 ish.
Spoilers: Anything Seasons 1-3 and first half of season 4
Summary: Putting the pieces back together is painful in, worth it in the end.

Authors Notes: Written for the Xanthe H/C Athon when Xanthe broke her ankle. Only her ankle has healed way over by the time I finally got this done!

Thanks to smileraniko and arrietty for the beta'd. but I'm sure I've poked around and re-written something since then, so all those horrible mistakes are mind *headdesk*

Read more...Fic below the cut!Collapse )

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KCIF 2011 .... Once upon a time!

Sep. 4th, 2011 | 03:15 pm
mood: bouncybouncy

alasse_fae came down for the weekend to go stalk Gaelic Storm at the Kansas City Irish Fest!

Currently we are enjoying this awesome weather - 75F/24C on my front porch, playing musics to annoy the rap playing music across the way and surfing the interwebs


Awesome time. Even with the rain yesterday. My mum would send a text message warning of the rain - she live just west of the Fest grounds so had good warning :D We'd be able to duck for cover before getting completely soaked. Until waiting for Gaelic Storm when there was very little cover but we - alasse_fae, ms_design_geek, x_greenleaf_x and I - huddled under alasse_fae's jacket while the worse of the storm passed.

Gaelic Storm as always was truly awesome!!!!!! Great Show. I made a banner for the Me & The Moon. If you haven't seen a live show - here's the summary - they split the audience, one side sings the 'I brought the whisky' and the other side sings 'He brought the slight.' Whisky side does 'jazz hands' the light side holds up cellphones or camera flashes or lighters - whatever you got that light. It's to see who is the loudest. Well I can't make very much noise still. I can talk I have a voice and can make tones - but like no projection. So I made banner - christmas wrapping paper folded in half LOL.

Photo0237 Photo0238

We were aiming to be on the light side, but I made the Whisky just in case they changed it up. So when we got to the song & they were splitting the audience and explaining we held up the banner & Twigger actually saw it. For the record I didn't think they'd actually be able to see it.

Twigger 'Hey we even have a banner, hold that back up.'

Gaelic Storm - Me & The Moon (only we held it way up for the song)

So I don't care what they say - the Light side won because we had a banner!

We queued up after the show to meet teh band - they signed alasse_fae's shirt in the only dry spot left - and they signed the banner, Peter and Pat sad to see the Light side, until I showed them whisky was on the otherside.


Pat drew on the whisky side.


And that people - is why we love the Gaelic Storm.

Today - shortly ish shall head back over to Fest. There is CD buying to be done - fest food to be eaten - we have not eaten fest food at all - one slice of pizza does not count - and party only down with Scythian, Kila (we have to see them, Gaelic Storm all but fangirled all over them), and The Ancients Elders.

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T's contact info.

Apr. 7th, 2010 | 12:54 am
location: earfs
mood: sadsad
music: Switchfoot - Hello Hurricane

If you found your way here from T (monkeyfun1  )'s[info] post you can send me a Private message for her phone number or what not comment here with your email and I'll send it on. The comments are screened so your email won't be showing.

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To Build a Henge

Jan. 21st, 2008 | 12:35 am
location: Home
mood: coldcold
music: fan noise

A crummy story told using henge pieces and Action Figures. Proceeed at your own risk:

Building a henge are we, that's fantastic ideaCollapse )

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Friends only? WTF?

Jan. 2nd, 2008 | 04:57 am

With much regret I've gone and had to make my LJ Friends Only from now on.

If you'd like to be added, comment on this post. Jump up and down and holler. Do something.

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The Cat in the cradle, The Ransoming of Baby Jesus and The Ziptying of Baby Jesus

Dec. 2nd, 2007 | 04:35 am
location: Home (apartment)
mood: hyperhyper
music: TSO - March of the King/Hark the Herald Angel

Seeing as Advent begins today (4th Sunday before Christmas) I have a Christmas-ish post.

So when my grandfather moved from his house to his current apartment we inherited some many things from the house. Among them a leaf vacuum with mulching blade, a fishin pole, a box of OLD as HELL tackle, and some Christmas decorations. Chief among them a Nativity Scene, that has seen better days and needs a new coat of paint, but still works.

Sometime in the week before Thanksgiving my parents decided it was time to put up the decorations. *sigh* In the recent increased commercialism of this holiday I loath Christmas stuff before Thanksgiving. There's nothing worse than being stuck in the checkout line in the grocery store the afternoon before Thanksgiving and being tortured by some pop act's rendition of a classic carol. *shudder*. Anyways, the parents had decorated taking advantage of the good weather and that my dad had time off and because my grandfather was coming up for Thanksgiving.

I drove back to Kansas City on Tuesday night, making it through crazy 470 and 435 on the tail end of rush hour and made it home just in time to watch NCIS. It was dark and thankfully I was suitably warned ahead of time that there might be lights on at the house. No problem. The next day, on my fateful trip to the grocery store I notice that the Baby Jesus in the nativity scene has been covered up with a blanket. Apparently my two year old little niece decided that all naked babies outside needed blankets. So mum helped out with some scrap fabric instead of the blanket my niece wanted to use.

The next couple of days pass okay. All of the wisemen are still there, Mary and Joseph haven't been kidnapped by the stupid neighbor's dog, and no squirrels have launched attacks, which probably has something to do with the number of times my brother's been at the house lately. Saturday all of my mum's siblings came over, brining their assorted wives, children, grandchildren, and potential in laws.

My youngest cousins and I were out on the porch and front yard when my one cousin asks if we put a cat in the cat in the manger to keep the Baby Jesus warm. He then proceeds to walk up, bend over, and stick his face in the manger. Said cat then moves, jumping out and running off, my cousin jumps back, startled and going "That is a real cat!!!" and we laugh our butts off at him. He then says that as he was sneaking up on it he thought 'no that isn't a real cat' right as it jumped out and ran away.

Not that entertaining eh? It gets better.

-- The Ransoming of the Baby Jesus

Many years ago the history teacher at my high school, who lived right on the other side of the river in LA, Lower Armourdale, had a Nativity Scene in his front yard. Well he went out one morning to find that the Baby Jesus was missing. He sighed--actually I don't know if he did or not--and went to school. A few days later that day a ransom note arrived on his desk. The demands were simple. A can of coke should be left on the corner of his desk at 2:15 that afternoon or else the Baby Jesus would not be returned. So he left a can of coke on the edge of his desk that afternoon when he went to go chase young high school students out the door or to detention. When he returned the can of coke was gone and a few days later the Baby Jesus was returned to his in the manger.


The neighbourhood trouble causing cat apparently likes the Nativity Scene, and especially the Baby Jesus. First it was sleeping on top of the Baby Jesus or next to him, now it's trying to run away with him. Several times it seems my dad has gone outside and found the Baby Jesus removed from the manger and laying around, or catching the cat in action. Thus, he has decided that he should 'secure' the Baby Jesus.... with zip ties.

Yes that's right. The Baby Jesus has been zip tied to his makeshift cradle.

Our conversation went something like this

Me: "You tied down the Baby Jesus?"
Dad: "No, I secured"
Me: "I don't think technical terms really matter here. You tied down the Baby Jesus!"

I called my sister to see if he really did ziptie the Baby Jesus. Her reply was "In his defense, it's probably better than had the cat ran off with him and the dogs got a hold of him."

She does have a point. But still!!

My Dad! Ziptied! The Baby Jesus!!!!


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Bands of Awesomeness that are at the KC Irish Fest

Sep. 2nd, 2007 | 12:41 pm
location: Kansas? Missour? Changes Frequently
mood: chipperchipper
music: Tapping of Keysh

So all ye all, if you get the chance to see any of the following bands in concert GO!!! It is so totally worth it!

The Elders

Young Dubliners

Gaelic Storm


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Pat Murphy as Snoop Dogg and Johnny Tarrrr

Sep. 2nd, 2007 | 11:49 am
location: home
mood: awakeawake

So here is a clip from the Gaelic Storm concert last night! I didn't know at the time but my Camera records sound! So here we have 7 seconds of Pat Murphy!

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;) No Whiners!

Sep. 2nd, 2007 | 11:46 am
location: home
mood: cheerfulcheerful


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Irish festival evening 2

Sep. 2nd, 2007 | 12:43 am
location: Dining room table
mood: energeticenergetic
music: Elders Music In Mine Head

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! So after eventually waking up this morning we made it back over to Crown Center.

Learned a wee bit o Irish w/ a guy from the Fuschia band. And then weent to clogging workshop which was at the same place as the Irish Learning. Steph learned some clogging steps. You can see some pics on my flickr page here I have some videos of it that I will need to smish the vids to make them easier to see.

Then we went over to Union Station for a short while, procured some items, and came back. Dinner was from the Hertiage Meat Pies stand. Steph had Steak and Mushrooms and I went with Scottish Pie one. They were very good!!! Yum! Tomorrow I think it will be Bangers and Mash. I would like some fish and chips, but only one place is having them so far that I've seen, but they have it sitting under a hot lamp! How rude of them!!!

So dinner was completed and we had enough time to fetch a Bounty Bar for desert then make our way to the stage to get seats for Gaelic Storm! A truly awesome show! Pat Murphy plays off an audience so well it reminds me of Freddie Mercury of Queen. There is no way to really describe it you really have to see a show live. So, like Steph said GO FIND SHOW! NOW!!! Attend! It will be worth it! CHopCHop!!! You have your orders!

I went to get a bottle of water between Gaelic Storm and The AncientsElders (they were renamed by us.) shows. I got down from the bleachers by dropping down and going out the backside. I had planned to snagg a bottle from one of the vendors on the same level, but got stuck in the people and ended up going down the stairs. No Problem. Got bottle of water and headed all the way back around to the North Stairs and it took forever to move 25 feets. Oiy! Talk about a crush of people trying to go both ways up and down a stair set. Right as I walked up to the stairs, a couple of cops, who look remarkably similar to TehJerry, stepped behind me and stopped people from going up the stairs! It was too crowded. oiy!!! They made a big announcement about them closing the stairs and Steph was getting ready to call me and see if I was stuck down stairs or not. But I made it, barely! Bottle of water in hand the next show started.

The AncientsElders. I think I've heard some of their music before, but not enough to know any of their songs. They were awesome!!! Cds were promptly purchased on the way to the egress. They were really just Awesome! They were preforming Fire in the Hole during the fireworks portion of the evening, and it was just awesome!!

Also, from where we were at, the sing guy Ian looked a bit like Rodney. and after he ran to the back of the audience and played drums there, then ran back to the stage I was waiting for him to say "You should of seen me I was amazing!" or , "How Am I so Awesome!" :p

I think I might not have a voice tomorrow form Signing along w/ Gaelic Storm and the whooping and hollering from and what not for their show and The Elders!

Also my hands will probably be all bruised and everything from the heavy and loud clapping!!!

Alright, now is time for Faceplant! tomorrow shall sleep in some then get up and goooo again.!! weeeee!!

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